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EMD Financial specializes in financing private placements.

This presentation has been prepared uniquely for “accredited investors”, as defined by applicable securities laws. One of the following criteria must apply for a Canadian investor to qualify:

-  Minimum of $200,000 personal income for the past 2 years.

-  Minimum of $300,000 combined income with spouse for the past 2 years.

-  Minimum of $1 million in liquid financial assets available.

-  Minimum of $5 million in net assets.

PRivate placement process
First and foremost, new accredited investors must submit a KYC (Know Your Client) form.

Due Diligence

EMD Financial conducts a thorough KYP (Know Your Product) assessment by verifying the issuing company, analyzing risk factors, and the exempt market product’s marketability.

Blurred Business People

Offering & Closing

EMD Financial offers suitable investment opportunities to their accredited investors. Purchasers receive share and/or warrant certificate(s) from issuer.

Hold Period

All private placement securities are subject to a 4 month restricted period.

Financial District
Monitoring market fluctuations

free trading

After the hold period expires, purchasers can sell their shares and/or warrants.

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