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Alternative lending

EMD Financial is the exclusive exempt market dealer for limited partnership units of Immo Finance Capital L.P., a Quebec-based limited partnership offering access to a diversified portfolio of alternative mortgages in Canada.

EMD Financial works closely with Immo Finance Capital L.P. as their exempt market dealer for the distribution of limited partnership units, including investor qualification and screening.


Immo Finance Capital L.P. offers exceptional access to a diversified portfolio of alternative mortgages, managed by a team of professionals who use a tried and true process for the evaluation, financing and administration of these loans. The team at Immo Finance Capital is trusted by a large clientele, comprised of entrepreneurs, constructors, and individuals, and have financed over 500 real estate projects.

The Immo Finance Advantage


Available and easy to access financing solutions.

Flexible loan terms, tailored to the borrower’s specific needs, to meet unique financial situations and/or investment objectives, while maintaining competitive conditions in the alternative financing sector.


Quick, courteous, and confidential service.

We offer financing in 48H, much faster than conventional financial institutions, which is important to borrowers that need to act within a restricted timeframe to make their project happen.


Support for borrowers in the realization of their exit plan.

Our team holds mortgage broker permits, which allows us to help borrowers plan a sound exit strategy through conventional financing.


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